The Course

The Layout

The course is made up of 2 separate courses - our low course that is 2.5' off the ground, and the high course that is 12' off the ground.

Soarin' Indoors Course Room

Both the high and low courses consist of similar challenge elements that are waiting for you to conquer - elements like wobbly rope bridges, cargo nets to scale across, zip lines to ride down (1 on the lower course, and 2 on the upper course) and tricky swings for you to negotiate across. Most visitors will find the elements on the lower course fairly easy to overcome, though our younger guests (just tall enough to reach 60" standing flat on the floor - typically around 6 years of age) will find plenty to keep them occupied on the lower course alone! The challenges are arranged one after the other roughly by increasing order of difficulty. All the elements on both courses are designed to get you to problem solve and push your endurance, but still be conquerable by even the most novice climber. Tickets are good for as long as you want, or as long as you can hold out!

The safety system is the same for both courses - you will securely clip into steel safety cables with 2 steel carabiners attached to a harness that we will provide you when you purchase your ticket. The cables are the same height on both the upper and lower courses - meaning that every guest tall enough to start the course can conquer every event in the course room. While we have had a few 6 year olds conquer both courses, most of our younger guests find the challenges on the upper course too daunting and most of them remain on the lower course for the duration of their visit. As the footprint of our course is small compared to alternative outdoor adventure courses, you can be sure that your adventures on both of courses will be monitored at all times by our trained guides walking the course grounds for the duration of your visit.

New for fall of 2015, we now have a 2 story playscape installed in the course room! This attraction is available to anyone climbing on the adventure course, and also available for a separate standalone purchase to younger guests that aren't yet ready for the larger adventure course. The playscape contains tunnels, slides, a skybridge, and much more, and is divided up into both a separate toddler area (appropriate for 1-4) and the regular playscape for older children.

What is our course like in action? The Soarin' Indoor guides will try their best to explain to you in 30 seconds:

Climbing, scaling, crawling, wobbling, zipping, bouncing, balancing, teetering, clipping, reaching, pulling, pushing - SOARIN' INDOORS!

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